Internet Failover Protection – Just in Time

With the hurricane past and cleanup well underway, I have been asked several times about internet options when Hargray or Time Warner service is down.  It seems that a number of businesses had to wait a number of days before their internet service was restored.  While generally reliable, internet service in our area does go down and this is particularly painful for businesses that have invested in systems that rely on the internet.

A backup or failover internet capability used to be a luxury limited to large companies with dedicated network staff and multiple internet service providers.  This is not the case any longer.  Mid-market networking solutions have brought the price point down and it is now possible to offer this capability for medium and smaller businesses.  We will be offering a product that automatically switches internet traffic over to the cellular network until the primary data service is back available.  This is a great option for retail, restaurants, and small offices that need to be connected all the time.

I am bringing in several products beginning this week to setup in my test lab before I take them out to customer sites.  I will share the results as they become available.

Update – 02/17/17

It is amazing how fast time flies!  Since this was posted on November 1, 2016, we evaluated products from several companies, selected Cradlepoint as our partner, and have installed Cradlepoint equipment in several customer sites.  The equipment is working flawlessly and we are beginning a marketing program to roll these out more broadly.

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