Hurricane Matthew Visit

My wife and I were in Napa when we heard that Matthew was forming and was a potential threat to Hilton Head Island.

Thanks to wonderful friends, our pool and patio furniture was safely stowed before evacuation was ordered. I started closely monitoring WTOC and Weather Channel updates as well as keeping a watch on our house.

We were able to see live video from inside and outside of our house as well as confirm that the AC was working properly.  We lost access to the systems at approximately 4:30am on Saturday and regained access less than 12 hours later. (Thank you Palmetto Electric and Time-Warner!)

I can’t begin to explain how relieved I was to be able to see that major sections of the house looked okay and that the AC was running and humidity levels were normal.  The view looking out the front of the house was completely taken up by a fallen tree, but there appeared to be space between the branches and the house.  (There was.)  The view out to the back was amazing with lots of fallen branches, but no trees down close to the house.  We waited a day before getting confirmation from friends that the house was okay and that all of the fallen trees missed the house.  We shut off the irrigation system to save water and give us time to check the lines before turning it back on.

We have been able to remotely monitor our house for over a year and during that time it has been convenient to keep an eye on things when we traveled.  We were able to see what was happening and we knew that no one was in the house while we were away.  It was amazing and wonderful to be able to see live video from our home after Matthew and see for ourselves that the house had survived.

I will be adding a couple of cameras to increase the outdoor coverage and I have started researching cellular backups to minimize any downtime if I lose internet service. We remain thankful that our damage was limited and grateful to all of the hard work and dedication of the first responders and clean up crews.


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