Fiber And The New Hargray

Hargray has been busily installing fiber all over Hilton Head. We have it installed in a dozen clients and we finally have a fiber connection for our office/lab. Fiber is a game-changer for Hargray for several reasons, primarily speed and reliability.

Prior to fiber, the fastest internet service available from Hargray in most locations was 30 mbps over old and rapidly failing telephone networks. The current fiber network is capable of speeds of 1000 mbps (Gigabit) and can be upgraded to 10 Gig with relatively easy upgrades of equipment at each end.

More important to me is the change in serviceability and reliability of the new network. The old network was fragile and was basically a telephone system that had data networking layered on top. The new fiber system is a data network that also carries data, voice, and video as bits and bytes. In addition to the benefit of having new equipment, the cabling and connections are more reliable, and the network itself has redundant paths on and off the island. That means that a single cable cut will no longer bring the network down for the island.

Another element of serviceability is the ability to monitor and manage the network from Hargray’s hub to each customer location. Hargray technicians now have the ability to see every point on their new network. Later this year, their new management system will have the ability to know when a customer endpoint is offline regardless of the cause. They can use that information to automate troubleshooting and quickly determine the scope of an outage. This should translate to faster problem resolution and shorter downtime.

One thing that hasn’t changed at Hargray is that they have separate teams for residential and business customers. That is true of sales, customer service, tech support, and field techs. Business customers can count on faster response times than residential and rightly so. Hargray rival, Spectrum, combined their business and residential teams with the Charter acquisition and business response times have suffered. With Hargray I have local account teams that I can reach if there is a problem or to plan for a change while I am limited to an 800 number for Spectrum.

In summary, I am now comfortable recommending Hargray fiber for my customers and I am actively working to convert my legacy Hargray customers and Spectrum customers to Hargray fiber as soon as it becomes available.

Note: I receive no compensation for recommending Hargray or having my customers select Hargray. I have been vocally critical of Hargray’s legacy services in the past and will continue to work on behalf of my customers for the best services possible.

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